Fast decisions for smart mine production using Mine Vision Systems’ 3D vision and mapping software

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Fast decisions for smart mine production using Mine Vision Systems’ 3D vision and mapping software

Rapid impactful decisions at the mine face and during mine planning

Practical and rapid geospatial data acquisition, integrated into existing workflows

Enabling vehicle automation on current assets

Datasets provided in a non-proprietary format for ease of use in your existing mining software

Extract more geoscience knowledge from our multiuse sensors and datasets

Enhance safety, efficiency and productivity for mining



Convergence monitoring

Virtual tunnel inspection

Fragmentation estimation

Virtual Tape Extensometer


We are developing systems for:

Drive and face mapping

Automatic Face Grade Estimation

3D Geological Textured Mesh


We are developing systems for:


Object detection


Mesh reconstruction of an Australian underground mine

Accelerated data capture, enhanced production

Keep your teams safe by minimising exposure in production areas, via rapid mapping with Carnegie Robotics rugged sensors, machine learning and computer vision.

Our mapping system quickly captures detailed and dense images georeferenced to laser based surveys to generate high-fidelity 3D models.

From our Geotechnical and Geology products we produce points clouds that can be imported into standard geological software such as Leapfrog Geo. Our textured mesh product will be available soon.

Our Machine Control products integrate with OEM products to enable a higher level of automated mining operations.

Next Appearance

Join us for ‘Industry Happy Hour’ at CORE for a drink, AR demonstrations and cool conversations. It’ll be a casual Friday evening mix of mining companies, startups, SMEs and other innovators.
31 March 2017
Perth, Western Australia

Paul Lucey (CEO) will be presenting “The use of computer vision and machine learning algorithms for geotechnical analysis” – as part of the Deep Mine seminar “Developments in Rock Stress Measurements and Monitoring”, Perth.
31 March, 2017
Perth, Western Australia

Visit us to talk about innovations in mining.
22-24 May, 2017
Perth, Western Australia

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