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MVS designs cutting-edge products with unmatched workflows, all with the end user in mind.  We understand that a good workflow is the difference between a product being used and the product never being implemented. Our products are designed alongside the end users and with their goals centered around our design process.
MVS services are designed for your mine to capitalize on groundbreaking technology without the need to employ people who are experts at utilizing it. We will help you scope the project and get the deliverables that you need, all at an efficient price point. Through the years, we have made the impossible possible with our years of experience in the mining, robotics and software fields.


MVS focuses on bringing vision-related technology and software algorithms to the resources mining industry. As pioneers in the underground 3D mapping space, we work worldwide to improve efficiency, safety, production and automation in mining through unmatched data collection and workflow. Learn how our powerful solutions change the way underground miners work.