Convergence Monitoring


We produce heat map point clouds that visualize mine movement, using a unique combination of LiDAR and stereo-camera inputs from a mobile platform.

The MVS Convergence Monitoring system will help you understand the geotechnical complexities and challenges of your mine, providing actionable insights. This will transform your future productivity, improve levels of safety and enhance mine scheduling through dynamically responsive ground support and rehabilitation strategies.

Ability to map 20km in 3hrs

Simple data capture software

Vehicle mounted sensor

Georeferenced point clouds


Identify areas of movement in ore drives, declines and other production areas using the MVS vehicle mounted mapping system. Recurring rapid mapping allows you to visualise and track changes over time and spatially over different levels, to achieve the highest geotechnical understanding of your mine.


  • Identify and interact with geotechnical changes over time
  • Reduce costs through early identification of failing roof supports
  • Avoid site downtime due to unknown movement
  • Improvement to occupational health and safety hazards
  • Near real-time* spatial data results can be imported into mine planning software for further analysis and planning
  • No interruption to operations or production during data collection

*Results vary upon site conditions


The MVS Convergence Monitoring system will help you understand the geotechnical complexities and challenges of your mine, providing actionable insights for:



Declines are difficult areas to map using exisiting methods due to high traffic and non stop production activities.

With our drive and scan mapping system you can now scan several loops of a decline without having to stop or leave the vehicle.

Capture significant coverage in a single hour of driving and minimise team exposure to hazardous areas.


Ore Drives

Recurring scanning is a great way to show changes in ore drives over time and rapidly cover several levels in a day to get great spatial coverage. Find out if activities or movement in a particular level are affecting levels above and below over time.

Our georeferenced scanning provides an accurate record of ore drive development.



Is stope blasting affecting the rest of the ore drive or even levels above and below?

Get in fast, scan before and after stope blasting to find out how much movement is occurring on a level, then quickly scan the surrounding levels to determine the area affected.


  • Requires an MVS Mapping System
  • Two scans required for convergence
  • Recommended time between scans
  • subject to geotechnical activity at site
  • Data able to be imported into Leapfrog, Dassault, Aut

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