Our integrated sensor and data capture software system is simple and easy to use, and will utilise your existing mine vehicle. Our ability to provide rapid mapping while driving will ensure minimal interference in other production activities.



30 m LiDAR range

40,000 points/sec

+/- 20 mm point accuracy


10 m camera range

80°X 80° field of view

+/- 30 mm depth resolution


Automatic Upload


Notify our processing team that scans are ready for processing and connect the Toughpad field device to your site based PC with approved MVS connection.

Data is transferred automatically to our offsite processing team and you will be notified when processed scan outputs have been transfered back to your mine site server.

Drive movement
and georeferencing


Using our proprietary processing software, LiDAR scans are transformed into heat-map point clouds. The point clouds contain distance measurements per point, indicating the amount of movement between scans.

Scans are aligned to site survey in your mine’s coordinate systems (georeferenced). This enables you to view this compelling geotechnical data alongside your survey, engineering and geology information.


Our software is proprietary but not our file formats!

Our point cloud (and textured mesh) datasets are produced in a compatible format to allow easy import into a variety of mining software.

Convergence & baseline point clouds – .ASC, .PLY, .LAS

*Photo textured mesh for visual inspection – .OBJ

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